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work experience


Job Description:

  • Design all projects: web, print, digital, admat, etc.

  • Maintain financial aspects of business

  • Communicate with clients--interpret goals and  aesthetics, billing and payment collection

  • Work and communicate with illustrators, painters, and other artists who I hired to perform tasks in areas where I have weaknesses

  • Skils & Services:

  • Graphic and web design, photo editing, video editing,  packaging design, print and manufacturing oversight, basic SEO, CMS tutorials or mgmt, analytics, branding, logos, layout, GIF animation, photoshoot concepts


Job Description:

  • Basist/Vocalist

  • Creative director: all designs and branding, packaging, ad materials, merchandise, web, photo and video editing, color editing

  • Financials including bookkeeping, analysis, budgeting, and payroll

  • E-Commerce management & order fulfillment

  • Tour manager: money collection after analyzing show contract and ensuring its fulfillment, day-of-show merch sales, customer service, retail sales

  • Record and mix demo recordings



  • Began as a music business major, which is a BBA with an emphasis on the music industry, during which time I took enough business focused classes to turn it into a minor when I switched. 

  • Switched to Entertainment Industry Studies which was a new degree program focused on all aspects of the Entertainment Industry (books, TV, Film, Radio, Music, etc.) and emphasized creativity and entrepreneurship, looking for gaps in the marketplace for innovation potential. 

  • Started designing for fellow students during this time

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